Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Live online free iphone ipad

The biggest sports competition in the whole world, agreed ? you have to. FIFA World Cup in brazil is more than just a competition, its a culture thing for so many nations across the world. 32 nations will have their countries gone into football craze for a month starting on 12 June to 13 july. In most of the countries specialy the ones which qualified for the world cup, local tv show the matches free but there are so many people who will be busy in their jobs, or at schoole or for some reason want to watch the matches through internet and here is the guide to get you hooked with FIFA world cup craze online.

TV Coverage Details in different Countries:

Like we mentioned before most of the channels in different countries will be showing world cup for free, for example in United Kingdom ITV and BBC has the right to show all 64 matches live on TV and they will also have free live streams for UK viewers logging onto the site through UK-IP address. You might want to take a look at FIFA World Cup 2014 Official TV Channels & Broadcasters

Watching FIFA World Cup 2014 on Internet For Free:

So there are couple of ways which you can watch free live streams of FIFA World Cup. Option one is to get a UK-IP address and login to BBC Sports or ITV sports websites which will be showing world cup games live on TV and on their websites though streams. Second Options is to get hold of a few good streaming sites and watch the world cup through live stream (which is illegal broadcast)

Option 1 – Using VPN to get an IPaddress in another country and watch their TV channels online.

BBC FIFA World Cup 2014 coverageI have tried this in the past, ITV uk some time stream selected champions league games free online through their website and I got a UK IP-address through a VPN company(I am living in germany and want english commentry). It worked as a charm. ITV recently broadcasted winter olympics live on their website so they will be doing the same with Fifa world cup.

Options 2 – Football Streaming Sites.

Now almost every football fan at one point has used free streaming sites to watch a football game, there is huge list of streaming sites which will be broadcasting the matches with different channels coverage, mostly in english but there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to language. So considering the demand of the world cup streams we at tsmplug has decided to provide a dedicated world cup stream page where we will be posting live stream links of all 64 matches in difference commentry languages.

tsmplug logoSo We will be placing live links 1 hour before the kickoff of every game, there will be 1 featured link with English commentry and couple of alternative streams in Spanish, german or portugese

[ We will be updating this page 1 week before the start of FIFA World Cup, so do check it out to keep updated on news and tips who to watch world cup online on computers and smart phone devices. ]

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