Highest earning football players 2013

Here is the list of footballers who are earning the most money in the world at the moment, we have compiled a top 10 list which also reflects who is the richest footballer in the world and who in 2013 is earning the most at the moment.

 Forbes List of Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers 2014

1 Ronaldo Twitter FollowersCristiano Ronaldo £15.0 M £288,000 $20 M
2 Messi richest football player in the worldLionel Messi £13.41 M £257,000 $20 M
3 Neymar Salary 2013Neymar £12.57 M £241,000 $6 M
4 Zlatan ibrahimovic salary 2013Zlatan Ibrahimovic
£12.16 M £233,500 $1 M
5  Rademal Falcao yearly salary, weeklyRadamel Falcao £11.74 M £225,500
6 Richest Premier League playersWayne Rooney £11.57 M £222,500 $3 M
7 Aguero Net WorthSergio Aguero £11.31 M £217,500 $1 M
8 Yaya Toure Net WorthYaya Toure £10.90 M £209,600  
9 Robin Van Persie SalaryRobin Van Persie £10.70 M £200,000  
10 Gareth bale Salary 2013Gareth Bale £9.50 M £182,500 $1 M
11 Fernando Torres SalaryFernando Torres
£8.50 M £175,000 $1 M


There is no surprise as to who is earning the most, its Lionel Messi of FC barcelona who is reportely making £100,000 a day, while there are only two englishmen with Rooney and David Beckham making it in the top 10 highest earners.

While Ronaldo is close 2nd to Messi, and he is making around 25.7M a year with Real Madrid 5 year contract, than comes two players from Russian League Anzhi, and Brazilian League Santos. Samuel Eto’o who is earning around 20M a year with Anzhi while Naymar is making around 17M a year playing his trade in Brazil which comes as a little surprise.

Messi richest football player in the world

Highest Earning Players in Football 2013

  1. Lionel Messi – £30m
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo – £25.7m
  3. Gareth Bale –  £20.7 m
  4. Naymar – £17.1m
  5. Sergio Aguero – £16.3m
  6. Wayne Rooney – 15.4m
  7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £15m
  8. Yaya Toure – £14.2m
  9. Fernando Torres – £14m

Highest paid players endorsement money


David Bekham has earned the most money with his football professional contracts and off the pitch stuff like Modeling for famouse brands, he owns couple of high grossing company’s of his name and Beckham brand it self is huge. Although in the recent years Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has taken all the limelight in football world, but still Beckham brand is going strong.

David Beckham is the Richest football player in the world

TOP 10 Richest Football Players In the World

  1. David Beckham – £175m
  2. Lionel Messi – £115.5m
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo – £112m
  4. Kaka – £66.5m
  5. Ronaldinho – £63m
  6. Samuel Eto’o – £52m
  7. Wayne Rooney – £50m
  8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £47m
  9. Rivaldo – £45.5m
  10. Rio Ferdinand – £42m

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