Best world cup songs ever

More than half of the population will have a world cup fever a in a couple of weeks time and like always 2014 World Cup comes with its very own official song which is produced by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia. The song has already been released and its pretty cool tool. Today we take a look at some of the greatest world cup songs which keep that perticular world cup feeling with you even if you listen a decade after.

“Gloryland” – 1994 World Cup USA

Thats pretty bad to be honest, but I had to start somewhere, It was produced by Daryl Hall an american singer for the world cup 1994 held in United States. I promise you will find good songs if you scroll down.

“Un’Estate Italiana” – 1990 World Cup

“Time of our lives” (Divo and Tony Braxton) – 2006 World Cup

The official song of world cup 2006 Germany was not as rocking as some of the others but still it managed to creat that big feeling which makes you excited for the big competition and to top that off they song managed to convey message of unity and peace.

“El Rock del Mundial” – 1962 World Cup

This song set the tradition for world cup songs in the coming years, EL Roch Del Mundia was produced by famous roch band “Los Ramblers”.

“Vangelis” instrumental music – 2002 World Cup

This is not a full fledged song just a instrumental theme which was produced specificly for the FIFA World Cup held in Japan-Korea in 2002. Pretty good tune.

“Wavin’ Flag” – 2010 World Cup

Now this one was a classic tune which was released before the FIFA World Cup 2010 and had it been selected as the official fifa song not many would have been susprised. To many fans it was more catchy and provided a much better message than Shakira’s Waka Waka. Personaly though I liked Waka Waka more.

“Cup of Life” – 1998 World Cup

Probably the the most catchiest tune ever produced for the fifa world cup and I bet even in 2050′s it will be fun if you listen to Ricky Martins “Copa de La Vida”

“Waka Waka” – 2010 World Cup

Yes the greatest of them all, Shakira’s Waka Waka song always takes back to the wonderful 2010 world cup and the exciting feelings attached to it. It is still one of the most watched youtube videos 660 million views, Its one tenth of the world’s population.

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