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With the massive TV rights sale of premier league all the 20 clubs will have massive increase in end of the season payouts from premier league. Premier League has confirmed the merit money of £1.2 million for every place a club finish higher, for example Cardiff City will get merit money of £1.2 million while Fulham will get £2.4million for finishing in 20th and 19th respectively. While league champions will get £24 million.

The domestic TV rights money is shared equaly between clubs which is suppose to be around £23 million for every club (it is not confired by premier league yet) while equal distribution of overseas tv rights will also get around £32 million for every club.

In addition to that clubs will get £750,000 for every time their match is shown live in UK or £7.5m minimum We have calculated all the teams live matches (on either sky or BT) and you can find the details below. If city are to win the Premier League they will pocket around £96 million which include £24million prize money, £55 million of tv money (the equal share) plus £18.7 million for Facility fee as their 25 matches were shown live.

[ Below is the prize money table, the bottom side Cardiff City will be getting around £63.7m which is almost £3 million more than last season’s champions manchester united ]
Premier League TV & Prize Money Breakdown Between 20 Clubs
1 Manchester City £24.0m £55m 25*£750k=£18.7m £96m
2 Liverpool £22.8m £55m 28*750k=£21.0m £98m
3 Chelsea £21.6m £55m 24*750k=£18.0m £94m
4 Arsenal £20.4m £55m 25*750k=£18.7m £93.4m
5 Everton £19.2m £55m 16*750k=£12.0m £86.2m
6 Tottenham £18.0m £55m 23*750k=£17.3m £90.3m
7 Manchester United £16.8m £55m 25*750k=£18.7m £90.5m
8 Southampton £15.6m £55m £7.5m (10 matches) £78.5m
9 Newcastle United £14.4m £55m 14*750k=£10.5m £79.5m
10 Stoke City £13.2m £55m £7.5m (5 matches) £75.7m
11 Crystal Palace £12.0m £55m £7.5m (10matches) £74.5m
12 West Ham United £10.8m £55m 15*750k=£11.3m £77.1m
13 Swansea City £9.6m £55m 13*750k=£9.7m £74.3m
14 Sunderland £8.4m £55m 13*750k=£9.7m £73.1m
15 Aston Villa £7.2m £55m 15*750k=£11.3m £73.5m
16 Hull City £6.0m £55m £7.5m (9 matches) £68.5m
17 West Brom £4.8m £55m £7.5m (8 matches) £67.3m
18 Norwich City £3.6m £55m £7.5m (9 matches) £66.1m
19 Fulham £2.4m £55m £7.5m (7 matches) £64.9m
20 Cardiff City £1.2m £55m £7.5m (7 matches) £63.7m

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