The other day I was writing this article on players club wages being too high, so a certain question came to my mind “do footballers get paid to play for National side” of course they do. But how much they get paid ? so I went ahead and researched the question and its a very interesting reading.

Do Footballers Get Paid to Play International Matches ?

The vogue answer is “YES” but the salary to be part of international squad is different from federation to federation. The first thing to be noted here is that Federations pay footballer a certain match fee which depend on how important a game is but one thing is for sure its no way near what top players make with their clubs. Most of the big European Nations players donate their match fees to charities.

England players donate their national team match fees to charity ?

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Rio Ferdinand was on record saying that english players do get paid match fee for playing in international matches (which according to him is not much). But they donate the money to good causes.

England euro 2012 players match fee details

Back in 2012, English FA made a structured match fee formula where they were paying players who were part of the playing XI, £1,500 for a win, £1,000 for a draw and £750 for a defeat. Though England players decided to donate all the money from England match fees to “England Footballers Foundation support Cancer Research”

Performance Based Bonuses

Though when it comes to big events like World Cups and Euro’s almost all the federations promise their players a certain amount if they win the trophy. Back in euro 2012 english FA promised each player £100,000 if they win the cup. Germany offered £250,000 each for winning Euros.

World Cup 2014 Bonus Incentives ?

English FA has decided to give each England player in the squad a hefty £650,000 each if they win the FIFA World Cup 2014 in brazil. United States on the other hand has set the bar even higher. US players will pocket £1 million each if they were to win the 2014 world cup.

Money for winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup ?

United States – £1,000,000 each
England – £650,000 each
Germany – £650,000 each
Spain – £700,000

Is There Any Salary Cap By FIFA ?

No, how much a federations pay their players is totaly their own decision. FIFA has nothing to do with it. FIFA pays money to federations for participating in tournaments orgnized by FIFA.

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