PFA Awards takes place every year in the 2nd or 3rd week of april and there are number of awards given out in the english league football season and the biggest prize is “PFA Player of the year” which is given to the best player in the english premier league. PFA stands for professional footballers association.

PFA Awards 2014 Ceremony – Date & Time:

Yearly PFA Award for 2013-14 season will be taking place on 27th April 2014 in London. At around 19:00 BST and the nominees has been announced for the two major awards of best player of the year and the young player of the year.

PFA Awards 2014 – Nominees
NO# PFA Player of Year Young Player of Year
1 Steven Gerrard  Ross Barkley
2 Eden Hazard Eden Hazard
3 Luis Suarez Luke Shaw
4 Adam Lallana Rahim Sterling
5 Yaya Toure Daniel Sturridge
6 Danial Sturridge Aeron Ramsey


Luis Suarez Salary 2013Luis Suarez is favourite to win the 2014 main award:

Its the ultimate individual honour a player playing in the english division 1 can get, over they years some of the greatest footballers who have graced english football has won this award. It was started back in 1973-74 season and quite a few legends have won twice. This year the most notable candidate is luis suarez who has been in sensational form of late.

pfa player of the year awardsVoting Process:

voting ballots are droped on each and every club in English league’s and thats around 100 clubs. Every player from the club can use his right to vote but players can not vote for the themselves or for club team mates.

Once the player has decided and wrote down the names, he than sign and return the envelope to PFA officials.

Here is one example of player voting, West Brom keeper ben foster uploaded this picture of his voting ballot on twitter. He voted for Suarez as the player of the year while shaw of southampton as young player of the year.


It should be the easies decision ever, Luis Suarez has been head and shoulders above another other players in terms of impact he had on the team, he single handedly guided Liverpool from midtable club to title challengers and his scoring record might take them all the way but either way they win the league or not he will be crowned PFA Player of the year, last year he was robbed because of all thecontroversies but this year he has been clean and already grabbed 28 goals to his name plus 1 vote from ben foster already.

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