“Football will never be the same” is a phrase often use these days when we talk about the new technology is being used in modern tech football kits and soccer cleats. Its such a huge market for Nike and Adidas while a few other companies like Puma, Warrior etc are also in the race for the ultimate supermacy when it comes to football boots and thats all will reach at its peak just before and during the FIFA World Cup, the showpiece event and there is none other tournament which will get more exposure to these company shoes. We are going to take a look at what the big two are doing heading into the world cup.

Nike Megista vs Adidas PrimeKnit FS:

Nike Magista vs Adidas Primeknit FS comparison

A couple of months ago, the war reached at its peak when within hours both Adidas and Nike unvieled their new technology boots which comes in with integrated boot and socks together. It was Adidas who shot first with introduction of their new Primeknit FS boot on twitter. They called it the worlds first integrated knitted football boot.

While few hours later Iniesta was seen in Barcelona on the unveiling of Nike Megista boot, It has the similar traits to that of Adidas and will go on pre-order 22 April 2014 while the official sale starts a month later in the last week of May.

Adidas PrimeKnit FS Boot:

This is the new Adidas PrimeKnit FS Boot which will be released before the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Adidas primeknit Fs release date

Adidas primeknit Fs boot details

The new tech boot from Adidas comes with knitted upper material which dont have laces on the boot while the socks are knitted with the boot. The PrimeKnit FS boot also features “Sprintframe outsole” and the above pictures kind of shows how the new boots will look like.

Nike Magista Boot:

This is the new Nike Magista 2014 World Cup Boot.

nike magista 2

The new magista boots feature a high top striking design, what is interesting here is there won’t be any usualy tongue in the boot which will provide a more fit design for the foot just like gloves. The upper of the magista is designed and features with honeycombs

nike magista boot details

The inner of the boot has latering Magista which comes pink style while it features the same technology like primeknit fs of adidas. The boot s suppose to go on sale before the fifa world cup.

Release Dates:

Nike Magista: Is available for pre-order on 22 April 2014 while the official release date is set for last week of may.

Adidas PrimeKnit FS: There is absolutely no news about when to expect the release of Primeknit but according to some sources it won’t release in 2014.

Which One is better ?

Hard to tell which one is better, so far Nike has accelrated their campaigns for FIFA World Cup and one things is for sure knitted boots are the future of football shoes, Nike has the head start and they will showcase the Nike Magista in the biggest competition in the world with some of best names in football wearing the new boots. So its first blood to Nike but Adidas can turn the table later in the year or at the start of 2015.

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