FIFA World Cup is going to be the massive competition taking place in Brazil and we dug up nicknames of all the teams who will be playing in 2014 world cup. There are total 32 teams from all continents who will be showcasing their talent in the FIFA World Cup starting from 12 June, there are usualy big boys and some of the new comers and we take a look at how all 32 nations are known in different nicknames. We will start with Grou A team.

BRAZIL: “Verde-Amarela” or “Seleção“

the nicknamed is translated into (The Green & Yellow) which represent the famous colours of brazil and national team. 5 time champions will be hoping to win the world cup at home.
croatia world cup team

CROATIA: “VATRENI” or “Kockasti“

Vatreni is tranlated THE BLAZERS into english, croatians had a decent last decade, they were hard to beat and in world cup will be a team who can upset any big boys on their day.
Mexico team squad 2013

MEXICO: “El Tri“

traditonal Colours of mexico (white, green and red) also know an “El Tricolor”, mexicans are not the strongest and they got lucky to have come through the playoffs having been poor in group stages.
Tunisia vs Cameroon 2nd Leg Playoff

CAMEROON: “Lions Indomptables“

THe nickname comes from the history of the country the seperation of north cameroon and nigeria. google it up for more info.

Holland FIFA World Cup 2014 Team Squad

HOLLAND: “The Orange“

Now thats the most iconic nick which derived from the traditional colour of dutch team that is orange. quite a few other nicknames are also part of holland team.
Spanish 23 Man Squad 2013


“The red fury” if we tranlate from LA Furia Roja. Spain will be looking to win back to back world cups and their 4 consecutive big title.

CHILE: “La Roja“

“The Reds” its pretty similar to the one used by Spain. Chile also have their official anthem song for fifa world cup which is Chile La Roja.
Australia Live stream highlights

AUSTRALIA: “Socceroos“

Now if you follow sports and know a bit about Australia, its not hard to figure out which they are called “SOCCEROOS” does kangroos ring a bell for as a clue ?

JAPAN the Blue Samurai

JAPAN: “Blue Samurai“

Japanese and Samurai’s is pretty familiar tone add blue colour of national team into it and we have blue samurai, pretty much sums it up.
Greece National team kits 2013

GREECE: “The Pilattes Ship“

Remember 2004 European Championship win of Greece, yeah the biggest upset of them all. Greece got this nickname from that win.
IVORY COAST Les Éléphants

IVORY COAST: “Les Éléphants“

African elephants, and the pretty much on the rise trade of Ivory coast got them this nick.
COLOMBIA Los Cafeteros

COLOMBIA: “Los Cafeteros“

Not too much information about it this nick name. Colombia however will sweating on the fitness of Rademal Falcao.

Italy vs Mexico Live Streaming

ITALY: “Azzurri“

Azzurri “the blues” every national team of different sports in italy are known as Azzuri so does their national football team.
San Marino vs England 2013 Highlights

ENGLAND: “The Three Lions“

The english FA logo has three lions and thats what england team is called and probably thats the only reason you can put lions and england in same sentense.
costa rica Los Ticos

COSTA RICA: “Los Ticos“

What I know about Los Ticos is this is a spanish term and represent south american people. Costa Rica will be hoping to pull off a surprise or two.
Uruguay team squad 2013

URUGUAY: “La Celeste“

“The Sky Blues” pretty obvious from the colour of national team kit. Uruguay reached semifinal last time around and with Suarez in the ranks they might reach same point.

Billets France match Coupe du monde 2014

FRANCE: “Les Bleus“

“Le bleus” is french term used for the blue one and it represent french national team. They need to get their world cup camp out of controversies.


Switzerland had a decent world cup qualifying campaign and they will be a force to reckon with in world cup.
honduras team squad

HONDURAS: “La Bicolor“

Honduras are not expected to achieve great things but 1 surprise in three games should be their target.
Ecuador world cup team


Ecuador are south american side who uses the same nick like mexico, three colours repeseing yellow, red and blue.

argentina 2014

ARGENTINA: “La Albiceleste“

Argenina under lionel messi might go on and win the world cup and their nickname comes from the colour of their team kit.
Iran Official kit FIFA world CUp 2014

IRAN: “Persian Stars“

Iran’s national language is Persian and the rich and famous history of persia give them this coll nick. Do they have a price of persia in their ranks ? we will know in a few months.


Bosnia & HERZEGOVINA were two different countries and thats where the nick comes from. They are a solid unit and might surprise a few people.
Nigeria 2014 World Cup Live Streaming

NIGERIA: “Super Eagles“

the super eagles, Nigeria it probably come from being too many eagles in Nigeria.

USA vs Bosnia 4-2 Highlights 2013


The yanks, do we need to say more ? United States are in superb run of form at the moment. Lets hope they can keep that up in group of death.
German highlights 2013

GERMANY: “Nationalelf“

Represent “National team”, Germans are solid and I predict them to go all the way to the final this time around.
Portugal FIFA World Cup 2014 live streaming

PORTUGAL: “Selecção das Quinas“

Ronaldo factor will be the key and this nickname comes from portugese Fa logo which uses 5 shields.
Ghana World Cup 2014 Live Stream

GHANA: “Black Stars“

Russia world cup team

RUSSIA: “Sbornaya“
belgium world cup team

BELGIUM: “The red devils“
South Korea Team Squad FIFA World Cup

SOUTH KOREA: “Taeguk Warriors” or “Red Devils“
Burkina Faso vs Algeria 2nd Leg Live Stream

ALGERIA: “Les Fennecs“


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