Oribe Peralta scored the only goal of the game where Mexico secured all three points against A very light weight cameroon side, referee standards were poor again. More report below and short highlights

Mexico vs Cameroon Highlights 2014 world cup

Extended Highlights

Only goal of the match came in the 2nd half where Peralta scored in 61st minute of the game to make it 1-0 and get all three points. Mexico absolutely dominated the game from the word go and although they put the ball twice in the back of the net in first half, both goals were disallowed.

Mexico started with Javier Hernandez on the bench and the way Mexico played it looked like a good decision as they created many chances in the opening 45 minutes. Former Tottenham attacker Giovani Dos Santos was constant trouble for this Cameroon defence who found it hard to cope with pressure applied by mexico.

Mexico 1-0 Cameroon Highlights
[ Group C – 2014 World Cup Match ] 61′ 1 – 0 Oribe Peralta

Cameroon defended deep but they failed to mark their men in the final third which lead chance after chance and they were incredibly lucky to have gone into break with score at 0-0.

After the break however Mexico up the tempo and they were rewarded with a good goal coming from Peralta, Dos Santos low hard shot was saved by Cameroonian keeper but on rushing Peralta was on hand to poke it home and get a deserved lead and ultimately a win

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