Full List of Referee’s for World Cup 2014

[ FIFA has announced the final 26 referee’s for the 2014 World Cup Finals. The will accompany by two assistant refs each so in total we have 78 names who will be going to officiat world cup matches. Each of 26 referee’s will be given a lump sump payment of $50,000 to be part of referee roster in world cup. ]
1 Felix Brych Germany UEFA
2 Cuneyt Cakir Turkey UEFA
3 Jonas Eriksson Sweden UEFA
4 Bjorn Kuipers Holland UEFA
5 Milorad Mazic Serbia UEFA
6 Pedro Proenca Portugal UEFA
7 Nicola Rizzoli Italy UEFA
8 Carlos Velasco Carballo Spain UEFA
9 Howard Webb England UEFA
10 Joel Aguilar El Salvador CONCACAF
11 Mark Geiger United States CONCACAF
12 Marco Rodriguez Moreno Mexico CONCACAF
13 Enrique Osses Chile CONMEBOL
14 Nestor Pitana Argentina CONMEBOL
15 Wilmar Roldan Colombia CONMEBOL
16 Sandro Ricci Brazil CONMEBOL
17 Carlos Vera Rodriguez Ecuador CONMEBOL
18 Peter O’Leary New Zealand OCEANIA
19 Noumandiez Doue Ivory Coast CAF
20 Bakary Gassama Gambia CAF
21 Djamel Haimoudi Algeria CAF
22 Daniel Bennet South Africa CAF
23 Ravshan Irmatov Uzbekistan AFC
24 Yuichi Nishimura Japan AFC
25 Nawaf Shukralla Bahrain AFC
26 Ben Williams Australia AFC


FIFA World Cup Referee's

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Referee’s

So 32 teams know they are going to FIFA world Cup 2014 while 22 teams are in the line for playoff where 11 more will join the already qualified 21 teams in the World Cup, but what about the Referees ? FIFA announced a provisional list of around 60 referees from different parts of the world back in April 2012 which will be considered for FIFA World Cup, the list was reduced to 38 in September 2012 and now after the playoff matches are finished FIFA Will released the last squad of refree’s who will be officiating the World Cup matches.

FIFA Will announce the names in early 2014 while all assistant refree’s will also be decided at the same time. All the selected refree’s get a fixed payment for whole World Cup, like back in 2006 in Germany every referee got a lump sump payment fo $23,000 while it is expected that in 2014 the payment will be increased to $50,000 to be part of Refree’s team in World Cup.

What is interesting here that even the referee’s and assistants who failed to make it to the world cup, will be given around $15,000 each, the trend was started back in 2006 when refree’s who failed to make the final cut were given around 11,500 each which was half the payment of selected refree’s/

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