As we know that FIFA World Cup 2018 has been awarded to Russia who will be hosting the competition for the very first time in history, today we take a look at host cities who will be the venues for the 2018 world cup matches.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Host Cities Stadiums

Russia has announced that 11 cities will be hosting world cup matches in 12 venues, Moscow will have two stadiums where the matches will be played (Luzhniki Stadium & Otkrytie Arena). Here is the short intros for all of the 11 cities and the stadiums which will be hosting world cup matches.

Ekaterinburg – Central Stadium

Ekateringburg also known as Yekaterinburg is the 4th biggest Russia city and has become quite a modern one in recnet years, city has its own metro line and a wonderful working ariport. The central football stadium is being upgraded for the 2018 world cup which is suppose to have capacity of 44,130.

The city is quite far from Moscow, 1755 km to be precise and it is located on the border of Europe and Asia. One the world cup schedule is announced we will know what games will be played in the stadium.

Kaliningrad – Arena Baltika

Is a gateway city located on the baltic sea and it is around 12 kilometre away from Moscow. A new stadium is being build in the city for the world cup 2018 which will have the capcity over 45000. Its quite an old city with roots going back to 13th centrury. The city will surely get alot of visitor attraction during the world cup with it having many nice pristine beaches.

Kazan – Kazan Arena

825 km away from Russia’s capital, Kazan is the 2nd biggest city in russia empire and it is one of the oldest cities in russia. The city is also known as capital of youth with over 30 universities of Russia located in this city. Kazan is also much more of a tolerant city to foreigners as nationals from 100 nations reside in this city.

Moscow – Luzhniki Stadium

One of the most renouned and famous cities in world, Moscow is the capital of Russia empire and it is also one of the oldest cities not only in Russia but in the world. Moscow has gone through major modern developments, it has 3 big airports and one of worlds most used underground transport system

Luzhniki Stadium is one of the largest in europe, equipped with modern technology and architecture. 81,000 seater stadium will be hosting the opening ceremony, Opening match, one semifinal and the big final on 08th July 2018.

St Petersburg – Zenit Arena (new Stadium)

One of Russia’s most prominant city full of modern art and world best artistic talent combining to give another dimension to the city. This city attracts huge numbers in tourists every year (5 million a year). A new 70,000 seater stadium will be build called Zenit Stadium.

There is huge list of attraction in the city for the visitors and the fine cuisine and art gallery are sure to keep the world cup visitors engaged. A must see city even if your team is not playing St Petersburg.

Nizhni Novgorod – Strelka Stadium

A new stadium is being built in the commerce city of Russia, Nizhni Novgorod is located on the Volga river and is 425 km away from Moscow. The tourist attraction of this city will be the hills and mountains.

Rostov-On-Don – Levberdon Arena (New Stadium)

1109 km away from Moscow, Rostov On Don is quite a young looking city with modern touch to its architecture, a new 44,000 seater stadium is being build in the city which will be used in 2018 world cup matches.

Samara – Samara Stadium ( New Stadium)

A new modern stadium is being build in Samara which will have the capacity of around 45,000. The best thing about the city is it being located on the Volga river which is the biggest in Europe. Transportation is also top notch with Airport, raily, Buses and the river port at your disposal.

Saransk – Yubileyniy Stadium ( new Stadium)

A fairly new city but a pleasant one, open to tourists and promote sports big deal and has been scoring highly in the ranking of russia cities. A new stadium will be built in the centre of the city called Yubileyniy Stadium.

Sochi – Fisht Olympic Stadium

A city far away from the capital Moscow, Sochi has came into worlds recognition when they hosted the 2014 Winter Olympic games. The Olympic stadium will be used for world cup matches.

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