Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Real Madrid 2014 Highlights
[ La Liga Match Results and Goal scorers ] 65′ 0 – 1 Jesé Rodriguez
74′ 1 – 1 Ibai Gomez
75′ [Red-Card] Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch 2013-14 Real Madrid Live streaming matchesIn the spanish primera liga game on 2nd february 2014 Real MAdrid were hoping to leap frog FC Barcelona to the 2nd place but that did not materialized what more their main player Cristiano Ronaldo got sent off with a straight red card. Watch the extended match highlights of the game here.

Jese scored the first goal for the away side and it came in 2nd half 65th minute, at that moment it looked like 3 points for Real Madrid but things got interesting with a goal from home side Ibai Gomez made it 1-1 on the night. Real Madrid still looked the better side but Cristiano Ronaldo got sent off (harshly) which left Real Madrid kind of chasing the game with 10 men. But they will will be fairly happy with a point against very good side in Athletic Bilbao who are 4th in the league.

Real Madrid 1-0 [ Jesé scored opening goal for Real madrid ] Athletic Bilbao 1-0 [ Ibai Gomez goal video] Real Madrid [ Cristiano Ronaldo straight Red Card Video ]

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