Arjan Robben became the fastest player in the history of Football and in 2014 World Cup when he cloacked up top speed of 37 kilometre per hour in the opening group game against Spain.

Arjan Robben fastest footballer in world cup historyAccording to FIFA statistcs Arjan Robben cloacked up a speed of 35kph which makes him the fastest player in the world cup history. His run in before he scored his 2nd against Spain, he left Sergio Ramos in his shadows with bursting speed. We take a look at other 5 fastest players .

Professional runner and Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt can cloack upto 44kph and Arjan Robben reached top speed of 35kph in the spain game making him the fastest player in the history. His previous best was in Bayern Munich shirt when he reached 30 kph speed.

Other notable names in include the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Bale, Aaron Lennon and Manchester Unite winger Antonio Valencia.





Fastest Footballer In The World
1 Arjan Robben  37 kph
2 Antonio Valencia 35.2 kph
3 Theo Walcott  35 kph
4 Gareth Bale  34.7 kph 
5 Aaron Lennon  33.8 kph
6 Cristiano Ronaldo  33.6 kph
7 Lionel Messi  32.5 kph
8 Wayne Rooney  32.1 kph

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