TSMPLUG’s GREATEST WORLD CUP XI (Absolutel Legends of the game)

greatest world cup Xi

Here is our greatest world cup XI team which include some of the legendes of the game game. We tried to focus on how important these players roles were in helping their world cup team to glory. We missed out couple of players which should be in any world cup team so we will include them as substitutes.

DINO ZOFF (Goalkeeper)

Legendry Italian goalkeeper lead his Italian side to glory in 1982 and became the eldest player to have won the world cup.

He was also part of great Italian sides in the previous 3 world cups and one of the highest capped player in world cup history. See alsoGreatest Goalkeepers in World Cup History

CAFU (Right Back)

Great Brazilian played in three world cup finals, Cafu won the world cup twice in 1994 and 2002.

He is widely considered one of the greatest right back in the history of football making 20 appearences in 4 world cups.


German legend, Beckenbauer is argubaly the greatest defender in the history of football, he played in three world cups and leading Germany to 1974 world cup title.

He also won the world cup as a national team coach in 1990. Beckenbauer was not only a good defender he could help in attack as well.

BOBBY MOORE (Centre- Back)

England’s world cup winning captain Bobby Moore was considered the best defender by Franz Beckenbaur himself and Moore was instrumental in helping England win the 1966 world cup.

Moore played in three world cups for english side having notched up 17 appearences in three world cup in 1962, 66 and 70.


Legendry Real Madrid left back, Roberto Carlos played 17 matches for Brazil in three world cups and played in two finals winning 2002 world cup in Korea and Japan.

His trademark freekicks were hall mark of his playing style, he could run down the left flank all day.

GARRINCHA (Midfield)

Played in three world cups for Brazil and won two of them in 1958 and 1962, Garrincha played in 12 matches in world cups and scored 5 goals.

ZINEDIN ZIDANE (Central Midfield)

Legendery French midfiel maestro, Zidane was one of the msot skillful player to have played in world cup history.

He scored two goals against Brazil in the final of 1998 world cup to win France their very first world cup title, while 2006 final did not go down two well for him but he still managed to guide France to the world cup final.

DIEGO MARADONA (Attacking Midfield)

One and Only Maradona, played in 4 world cups for Argentina and guided them to 1986 world cup where he scored two of the most iconic goals against England in knockout stages.

One was the best world cup goal ever scored while the other one was “hand of god”. See also Greatest Goals Ever scored in World Cup History

JOHAN CRUYFF (Left Midfield)

Three times ballon d’or winner Cruyff guided Holland to 1974 world final but failed to lift the trophy.

But on a personal note he was awarded the golden ball for having a superb world cup which was his only appearences in world cups.

RONALDO (Striker)

Brazilian legend Ronaldo played in 4 FIFA World Cups and he won the world cup twice in 1994 and 2002.

Ronaldo is also the highest goal scorer in the history of world cups with 15 goals to his name. See also All Time Greatest Goal scorers in World Cup

PELE (Striker)

Finaly we have Pele, the only player in the history to have won the world cup three times as a player and he played in 4 world cups, scored 12 goals in 14 matches and leading Brazil to glory not once, not twice but three times.

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