World cup retro shirts

If you dont like Adidas world cup 2014 kits, you have an alternative options as adidas has released retro shirts for many teams.

Adidas has released original retro shirts for the likes of Argentina, France, Germany, England, Italy, SPain and Mexico. This is the alternative shirts to the official world cup replica kits released which the world cup teams will be using in brazil. Retro kit feature a authentic unique design and I have to say that some of the shirts are just superb.

Here are is this unique retro Germany national team shirt which comes in white colour and black application on collar and cuffs.

Another Adidas original retro Argentina shirt which comes in with no.10 at the back made famous by legendry Diego Maradona

Here some of the other nations shirts which at some point adidas has represented. France shirt comes with polo style collar with adidas stripe and another red stripe from collar to cuffs. While Italian kit comes in with Polo collar with italian flag design on it. rest of the kits can been seen blow.

What you think of these shirts, I for once find these shirts awesome and it give this unique vibe and excitement of what world cup is all about. Do let me know your thoughts on these shirts.

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