Worlds most marketable footballers

Heading into the FIFA World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo has been named as the most marketable footballer in the world cup. Lionel Messi comes close second but Ronaldo’s recent success and good looks makes him untouchable in terms of his brand value and marketability. The figures are arranged by company called “Repucom” who keep an eye on around 5000 celeb’s branding which of course include high profile footballers as well.

They take things like global awarness and social media presense into the account to build a DBI score. Accordinbg to Repucom, around 83% people are aware of Ronaldo while he has the most followers on social sites combned totaly around 108 million. Lets take a look at top 10 most marketable athletes in the world.

Top 10 Most Marketable Footballers
NO# PLAYERS DDI Score Global Awarness Facebook Twitter
1 Cristiano Ronaldo  79.74 83.87%  82m 29m
2 Lionel Messi  75.87 76% 57m 2m
3 Gerard Pique  62.90 58% 12m 8m
4 Fernando Torres  61.79 59% 3m 2m
5 Wayne Rooney 59.47 55.86% 20m 9m
6 Andreas Iniesta  59.25 52.80% 18m 8m
7 Neymar  59.37 53.33% 22m 11m
8 Iker Casillas  59.09 49.43% 18m 1m
9 Zlatan Ibrahimovic  59.07 55.10% 15m 1m
10 Thierry Henry  57.80 51.30% 16m 300k


Ronaldo who has massive following on social media (82m facebook likes nad 28m twitter followers) making him one of the most followed athlete online, he was also the “trend setter” in the last 12 months. Won the Fifa Ballon d’or award for the 2nd time, almost single handedly guided Portugal to World Cup with that famous hattrick against Sweden and won the Champions League and Copa Del Rey.

Apart from all that he can also be seen in many adverts around the world, most notably he is the key figure of Nike world cup campaigns and that supermodel girlfriend plays its part as well.

Lionel Messi has struggle in the last year on the pitch but he lead Adidas advert campaigns alongside other notable names. personaly I dont think the statistics above reflect the reality of this aspect. Ronaldo and Messi are the most marketable footballers but this global awarness stuff is just made up by this company. Anyway who you think should be in the top 10 most marketable list and whats your thoughts on it ?

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